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  Market Value, Fair Market Value, Insurable Value, Assessed Value, Just Value, Taxable Value and Ad Valorem Taxes (real estate tax)

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Fee Schedule for appraisal products in 2009

URAR (FNMA 1004) w/market conditions addenda) This appraisal is utilized by lenders $375 
2055 Residential Report (includes 1004 Market Conditions Addenda) (exterior viewing of subject prop.) This appraisal is utilized by lenders when property condition is not perceived to be an issue. Quotes available upon request
Restricted Use Appraisal (use restricted to client only) used by seller or buyer to negotiate the price of a home Quotes available upon request
Appraisal Institute Summary Report (good for estate and capital gain issues and other non-finance issues) $325
Land Development Appraisal Quotes available upon request
Commercial Improved (single/multiple occupant) $700-$2,500 (Quotes available upon request)
Industrial Improved (single/multiple occupant) $500-$2,500 ( Quotes  available upon request)
Residential Vacant Land (non development) $250-$1,500 (Quotes available upon request)
Commercial-Industrial  Vacant Land $500-$1,500 (Quotes available upon request)
Other consulting or appraisal assignment Quotes available upon request